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MICROBOSS is developing a number kits for detection contamination in environment.

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Developing therapies for plant virus removal and prevention

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Genekam Biotechnology AG has decided to bring a small company to serve the market of virology, mycology and other related issues for veterinary and agricultural sciences. This company is called MICROBOSS Hightech.

At present, we have a number of kits for veterinary pathogens. These kits are important for monitoring and testing the pathogens in the laboratory and under the field conditions. There are two kinds of kits e.g. conventional PCR and real time PCR kits. Many of these kits are being sold on the market since 2004 as they were developed. We are going to develop also a number of services also for some of genetic defects or mutation e.g. gendering of animals. There will be an attempt to address the issues of veterinary reproduction medicine to increase milk yield and at the time to develop the methods to reduce the loss of animals caused through pathogens and economic loss enhancing factors like stress and vectors.

There are a few ready-to-use PCR kits available for detection of plant viruses as such pathogens are causing a huge economic loss to world economy, hence it makes sense to do the testing of presence of such pathogens in seeds or plants. Many of viruses are arthropod borne, hence our test will make possible to collect these insects and test them what kind of viruses are present in them. These tests can be used to monitor the success of control measurements like pesticide use. With the use of our tests, one can judge the success of use of pesticide control too. We recommend all people to screen their seeds before using them because a number of times, the seeds are infected with these pathogens leading to infection the crop and low production or destruction of whole work of months.

We are offering you ready to use gel agarose tests i.e. the results can be seen in the gel agarose. Gel agarose PCR systems are quite economic and they can be sourced from a number of companies. The kits contain everything like polymerase, taq, enzymes, dNTP, buffer, primers, positive and negative controls. One needs to add only RNA and DNA to it and run the test in machine. We are developing multiplex assays as they will be in position to screen the seeds quickly in spite of less sensitivity against single testing, where the costs and time needed are more.

Similarly, there are ready to use real time PCR, which can be used on different kinds of machines. They need all components to run the assays.

These kits are well validated and gave excellent results. Try them and let us know your views to improve our quality.